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Snow Edge
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  • Snow Edge Worked Absolutely Great
    by on 1/26/2021

    We just had a 12” snow here in central Iowa. I used the Snow Edge to clear both my gravel drive to the barn and my concrete driveway. The Snow Edge worked absolutely great. Kept the bucket from damaging the concrete and prevented the bucket from cutting into the gravel drive. Also, I didn’t want to use the Snow Edge to clear the paddock so I pulled in the barn and had it removed in a minute or two at the most.

    I will be ordering a couple more edges next year to make sure I always have some around in the years to come.

    Thank you for a great product and great customer service!

  • Snow Edge It's Perfect
    by on 12/1/2019

    I received my 60” snow edge; fits perfectly on my 2018 2038R Deere…

    I’ve been running this hard right out of the gate with snow storms here this past weekend and could not be happier with the results (its perfect)!!!!

    Thank you so much for your excellent service, fast shipping and a quality product I will be using for many years to come!!!

  • Snow Edge Works Great For Me
    by on 04/24/2015 via an online forum

    I have used this for two snow seasons on my 100+ foot driveway and 2,000 square foot pad. I bought it because I do not want to damage my asphalt. It attaches to the FL on my MF 2610.

    It works great and I would say that the rubber piece has only lost about 1/2 inch in about 20 hours of use, so it should last at least another 3 seasons. I use it in both push and pull mode (pull mode so as not to damage my pavers near the house).

  • Snow Edge Easy on the Asphalt
    by on 11/23/2013 via an online forum

    I have a JD 2520 with a CX200 loader, I ordered the 60" snow edge. I had to adjust the large fasteners on the ends of the snow edge so they would sit inside the bucket and I could tighten them.

    I have a narrow 200' drive with a circle near the house to clear off. Did my first practice run in our first snow of the season. I run unfilled R4 tires with a 46 backhoe hanging off the back. I found that the front of the tractor is a little light with the blade I. The float position, so steering got tricky around the circle, but the snow edge does a great job of cleanly removing the snow from the pavement and leaving the seam sealer and topcoat intact.

    My barn drive is gravel, the snow edge floats nicely across it without displacing the gravel, that was a bonus. I only had to remove about 4" of wet snow this time around and was impressed with the results. We'll see how the unit holds up through the season!

  • Snow Edge It Works
    by on 02/04/2013 via an online forum

    Easy on & easy off. We have had a number of small snow storms and the snow edge performed as expected. The HDPE holds-up to asphalt well.

  • Snow Edge New (Ratchet Rake) Snow Edge
    by on 12/27/2012 via an online forum

    Finally had a chance to use the Snow Edge the last 2 days. Mounted on my Kubota 1860 FEL. It does what it is supposed to. Seemed not to harm the driveway, cleaned VERY HEAVY snow and ice with no issues. Was looking to buy a urethane edge for the bucket this winter when this product came along. Kind of curious how long the plastic edge will last before needing to be replaced. Would recommend to a friend.

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