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Ratchet Rake
4.92 stars - based on 23 reviews
  • Ratchet Rake Best piece of equipment I ever had!!
    by on 09/16/22

    Got mine today and love it!! Best piece of equipment I ever had!! Works great on my John Deere 1025R. I'll say it again that you have a wonderful product.

  • Ratchet Rake Ice Scraper for Horses and More
    by on 01/07/22

    I bought a Ratchet Rake a few years back, love it, mainly use it on horse paddocks in the winter for ice, and also this week for taking out the craters now that the ice is really frozen here. Nothing out there can handle this issue, happy to find it. I use the Ratchet Rake on my 70 HP Kubota M6800.

  • Ratchet Rake This device even exceeds a 5-star rating
    by on 07/10/21

    The 68-inch Ratchet Rake attached to the bucket of my Kubota L-series tractor is invaluable for keeping my long gravel drive in shape and for removing brush and small trees from the driveway sides. This device even exceeds a 5-star rating; the on-line videos showing it in action are very good, but to actually experience what it can do is remarkable.

  • Ratchet Rake You’ve made me happy
    by on 04/24/21

    Your 60" Ratchet Rake arrived today and I just wanted to say thank you. In the era of Covid and craziness it’s heartening to see a company that goes above and beyond. The rake is a quality product that fit like a glove – heavy and exactly what I was looking for to clear up my 20 acres of land in Montana that was burnt by wildfire last summer. You’ve made me happy. Long may you prosper.

  • Ratchet Rake I will be able use this for years to come.
    by on 01/21/21

    Using new pull behind Ratchet Rake. I received this tool on January 21, 2021. And I have used it for total of 9 hours. Now my gravel driveway looks like I have put new gravel down. This driveway has not been touched for 8 years and had a lot of weeds and uneven ground. I used a Cub Cadet 22 horse power garden tractor to pull it with. The tractor did a really good job of pulling It. I will say that the ground was frozen. But the Ratchet Rake still pulled up all the weeds and leveled off the driveway. Also this tool is built very strong. I will be able use this for years to come. Plus save a lot of money on gravel. Thank you Ratchet Rake for making this wonderful gravel rake. And also I would like to thank the very nice person from Ratchet Rake that helped me with all my questions plus helped me on my purchase and excellent delivery of the Ratchet Rake.

  • Ratchet Rake A Superb Tool with So Many Uses
    by on 01/11/21

    I used the 52" Ratchet Rake on my Rural King R19 tractor to break up an impacted 4 foot pile of dirt and it easily broke the dirt pile down so I could evenly spread it over the yard. I find the Ratchet Rake useful in tearing down overgrowth throughout my property. The Ratchet Rake is a superb tool with so many uses.

  • Ratchet Rake Hawaii Brush Solver
    by on 12/30/20

    Used on KUBOTA L525- Makes your tractor a lot more capable for clearing brush and small bushes. Very good for removing surface roots in wet or dry soil. I found very useful for clearing small diameter palm tree stumps.

  • Ratchet Rake Works great!!!!
    by on 12/28/20

    Down here in Texas we have a major hog problem. They rut up my yard and pastures through out the ranch. Last year I purchased the 56 inch pull behind motorized yard rake. I pull it behind my ATV to repair the damage from all the rutting the hogs do. This is by far the best and easiest way for me to repair the damage. Works great!!!!

  • Ratchet Rake I Just Love the Ratchet Rake!
    by on 08/27/20

    I wanted to say that I just Love the Ratchet Rake!!!!! Best investment I have purchased in a long time!!!

  • Ratchet Rake This thing is awesome!
    by on 05/21/20

    I received my 72" Ratchet Rake today and hooked it to my bucket in about 5-10 minutes and went down into the woods behind my house. This thing is awesome! Within the first 5 minutes I knew I had made a great purchase. So many times things you buy don't live up to their promise, but not so with the Ratchet Rake. In 45 minutes by myself I cleared out more stuff than I did in 6 hours a few weeks ago and I had a helper then. Well built and engineered. This is a real winner of a product!

  • Ratchet Rake The Perfect Outdoor Accessory
    by on 03/20/20

    I love my Rachet Rake and the quality - this looks like the perfect outdoor accessory. Especially while we are at home...

  • Ratchet Rake Absolutely Phenomenal Tool
    by on 02/21/2018 via an online forum

    I tried a couple of similar homemade attachments on my Kubota 3200 and spent more money building them than the cost of a Ratchet Rake only to be disappointed with their weight and performance.

    I bought the Ratchet Rake and quickly discovered that it is a totally amazing tool and well worth the investment. I use it on a weekly basis to uproot small and large mesquite trees and clear land in the New Mexico desert.

    I highly recommend the Ratchet Rake. You will not be disappointed.

  • Ratchet Rake Palmetto Destroyer
    by on 07/17/2017 via an online forum

    We have been searching all over for something to help us remove palmettos rooted into the tough Florida soil. The Ratchet Rake is the best thing we have ever bought for our small tractor, it works great. In about 6 hours I removed 150 palmetto roots.

  • Ratchet Rake Money Well Spent
    by on 04/15/2017 via an online forum

    I have used the Ratchet Rake for approximately 20 hours now with some heavy duty brush and trees.

    I appreciate the fact that I can sit on my John Deere 1025R around my cypress pond and not have to worry about snakes and gators as I work. I have pushed over and dug up 4-5 foot trees, vines, and brush.

    I have had no problems at all and the straps and ratchet are still in great shape. It eliminated the need to buy or rent a DR field and brush mower and doesn't wear this old man out! It has paid for itself already.

  • Ratchet Rake Great Attachment
    by on 01/17/2017 via an online forum

    I bought this after reading all the positive reviews.

    I have used it about 40 hours and cleared about 3/4 of an acre of brush, tree and holders. I also rough leveled the same area.

  • Ratchet Rake Labor Saver
    by on 08/08/2016 via an online forum

    I have a Mahindra 22 Max and the ratchet rake has paid for itself two fold.

    It levels and removes brush and vines. Push or drag tears up vegetation. It is simple to put on and can be used over seeded areas with the float feature on the loader. It also cleans pine needles and stones. I'm reclaiming my property!

  • Ratchet Rake Great Product
    by on 02/29/2016 via an online forum

    I am using the Ratchet Rake on a 26-horsepower Kubota to clear brush, level gravel on a 2/10 mile driveway, and to breakup ice on the driveway and blacktop. It is easy to setup and take down,

    Ratchet straps are sturdy and the rake is very well manufactured. Highly recommend.

  • Ratchet Rake More Than Enough Time To Write A Review
    by on 02/29/2016 via an online forum

    This is the most important piece of equipment I have for my front-end loader. My Dozer does the big stuff. My Ratchet Rake does the rest.

    In fact, for pushing over trees, my front-end loader with my Ratchet Rake is the tool for the job. I would buy one again, no matter if it were on sale or not. It more than pays for itself in time and back saving chores.

  • Ratchet Rake The Ratchet Rake Saved My Back And So Much Time
    by on 05/08/2015 via an online forum

    I have a BX 1850 Kubota Tractor, 18 horsepower works like a charm. I called around to tractors dealers in a 100 miles of me asking if they sold anything that could attach to my bucket that would be able to reach in my ditches to pull pine needles and debris out, and none of them knew of anything that would attach. All of them wanted to sell me a rake on a 3-point hitch.and that would not have worked for what i needed. I went on line and found the Ratchet Rake, ordered it, and received it in two days!!!!

    I was like a kid with a new toy. The Ratchet Rake works GREAT.

  • Ratchet Rake Better Than I Expected
    by on 03/13/2015 via an online forum

    This thing is a Hoss! I have always dreaded grading my third of a mile drive way, which I have to do every three months due to heavy traffic and ruts. The RR made the process effortless and did a better job than I could have imagined. The driveway is absolutely flat and even without adding more gravel. It cost $700. for gravel trucked in for a redo. I expect that I will save at least the cost of the rake this year.

    What it does with vines and undergrowth is just as impressive. It is a tool I will never do without again. Thanks Ratchet Rake for saving me a ton of time!

  • Ratchet Rake Can't Live Without It
    by on 07/14/2014 via an online forum

    I purchased the Ratchet Rake from TSC for my Kubota BX 2370 and I can tell you that this was the best $300.00 I have ever spent by far.

    I use to clean up my wooded areas removing blackberry bushes and briars. Removes them roots and all easily leaving the ground clean. I also use for leveling gravel, poison ivy removal, removing rocks that are stuck in the ground etc., etc., etc.

    I wish I had taken some before and after photos of some of the brushy areas I cleared because the difference is amazing.
    My wife thought it was a little pricey but after seeing the results she too is a believer.

    You can't hurt this thing! It is heavy gauge steel and has large teeth that I have yet to find anything they won't dig into.
    I am not big on writing reviews but this thing deserves as many good reviews as it can get. I have never been happier with a $300.00 purchase in my entire life.

  • Ratchet Rake Ratchet Rake
    by on 11/19/2014 via an online forum


  • Ratchet Rake Ratchet Rake Posted
    by on 03/23/2014 via an online forum

    Purchased the Ratchet Rake to clear out thistle and brush and small trees in an overgrown woods. Worked great!

    Wasn't sure if this or a Landscape Rake would be best, but this turned out to be the best for what I was doing. It allows you to put pressure on the rake plus rotate the bucket to help with removing brush, you can even remove small 1" to 1 1/2" trees with it, roots and all.

    It is great for this type of work. I plan on using it for leveling uneven areas, but for now I am very satisfied with the product, and glad I bought it.

  • Ratchet Rake My Favorite Tractor Attachment
    by on 01/13/2014 via an online forum

    I bought the RR two years ago and put at least 30 hours on it. I use it on my little Kubota BX 2660. I can tell you, this thing makes the little BX do the work of a tractor twice its size. I use it for leveling gravel on our driveway. Saved me hundreds of dollars for new gravel, because it tackles stuff my box blade can't.

    I also have a concrete patch that had about 50 smaller and larger trees growing out of the cracks, from way before I bought the place. I used the RR to push the trees over and peel the roots off the concrete. I think, on that job I abused the thing as much as I can imagine.

    In several overgrown weed and brush areas I used it to rip out brush. Works very fast. Of course, it doesn't leave the area completely clean, but my landscape rake can handle the rest.

    Lastly, I use to push over trees. You wouldn't think that little BX can do any big trees. Well, with this rake it can handle most trees up to 8 inches or so. I usually take a little run at it. With a smooth bucket I wouldn't dare to, but the teeth on the RR prevent the bucket from slipping and after a few runs the trees usually give.

    Anyway, I love the thing and would recommend it to anybody.

  • Ratchet Rake Ratchet Rake
    by on 03/03/2013 via an online forum

    I have been using my RR for over a year now it is a fantastic add on to a FEL. I have used it for clearing brush and vines, pushing out stumps, grading a gravel drive, and levling ground.

  • Ratchet Rake Ratchet Rake a Winner
    by on 08/23/2012 via an online forum

    Great add on for tractor. Used heavily to clear lot with my Branson 4220. I do think it will do a job on loosening your FEL up if you use it too hard and take on too much. All in all great purchase. Wouldn't have a tractor without one.

  • Ratchet Rake Wow!
    by on 07/29/2012 via an online forum

    It's been a long time since I purchased something and would say it was worth every penny! I ordered my rr directly. Shipping was fast.

    First thing I noticed: "dang thing is heavy". The tape they used to tape parts together is the toughest tape I ever had to get off (lol). Instead of driving the rr, I lifted it up onto the bucket....this, I'm sure, is not recommended. ;) The hardest part about the install was trying to holding the straps tight while inserting strap into the ratchet.

    I only used if for less than one hour last night, but let me say, I feel so bad I put around 70 hrs on my tractor without it. So all the wear and tear could have been avoided because I cleared out over an acre in those hours and could have been a third of hours with the rr. Not only the hours it would have saved wear because the effect it took to clear without the rr.

    If your are even slightly thinking about buying or wanting a ratchet rake, do NOT wait! Do yourself a big, big, favor and buy one! Again, it makes me sick that I abused my tractor without one.

    PS. Hardware is very heavy duty too. I can't believe they charge only, I think it's like thirty bucks for replacements, but it would take a lot to have to replace them.

  • Ratchet Rake Great Product
    by on 06/15/2012 via an online forum

    I did my home work before I purchased. I thought the RR would be just thing for removing brush and stumble. It has been great!!

  • Ratchet Rake Excellent Removing Brush
    by on 06/14/2012 via an online forum

    Can't say enough good things about the Ratchet Rake when it comes to ripping out vines, briars, and Buckthorn. A FEL is a very expensive attachment and for a few hundred dollars more the usefulness of the FEL can be increased significantly.

  • Ratchet Rake Ratchet Rake
    by on 06/14/2012 via an online forum

    Needed a rake but didn't want a permanent set-up. I don't recall how I discovered the Ratchet-Rake but I'm sure glad I did. I had to drive about 90 miles to find one, but worth the trip.

    I use it on a L2250 Kubota to clear brush, move brush piles, remove sod to open garden areas and most of all, to level and maintain my 2/10 mile driveway. The unit is easy on/off in minutes and is obviously well designed and manufactured.I can't imagine why anyone would worry with a permanent attachment.

  • Ratchet Rake Rachet Rake in Rocks & Roots
    by on 06/14/2012 via an online forum

    Purchased the RR on the reviews of TBN to clean up roots and rocks from stumped land.

    While the RR works the amount of embedded rocks in the ground caused it to lift and lose the material being raked.

    For dirt leveling the large teeth did a decent job but the finer teeth on the bottom plugged up unless the dirt was dry.

    I reverted to the york rake to clean up the rocks and root debris in the end as it did a better job with the spring tines in our rocky soil.

    So, at the end of the day, the RR is good for some jobs, but for our soils and rocks is not ideal.

  • Ratchet Rake My RR
    by on 06/13/2012 via an online forum

    I had heard of the RR and it's successful uses on TBN. I removed about 60 yds of material from my old driveway. Using a combination of my box blade and RR I was able to shoot my base grade prior to installing the 1 1/2" base and 3/4" w/fines finish material. The RR made the whole process a lot easier to get the correct grade and contours on the excavation, rough and finish on my graver driveway. It worked well enough that I next leveled the side yard out. I'd buy it again and I do recommend it. I rate it a good value. I have a BX2660, by the way.

  • Ratchet Rake Ratchet Rake = WOW!
    by on 06/13/2012 via an online forum

    I could not resist the lure of the Ratchet Rake once I heard it was on sale. I decided it was worth the price of admission and if I did not like it I would not be risking too much cash.

    It was easy to mount to my bucket. The instructions say to lay it on the ground and maneuver the bucket into the rake. I got a little impatient and just slid the rake onto the bucket instead. Although the implement is heavy duty and built tough, it was easy to slide one end on and then the other and tighten the straps up to snug the rake onto the bucket edge. It was under 5 minutes from unpack to let's find something to rake!

    Right off the bat I discovered that it was tough and can handle hard-packed caliche road base. I forgot how it hangs below the edge and gouged a three inch deep strip of my driveway up. I did not even scratch the paint on the teeth. I was afraid any substantial work would stress the straps or tweak the teeth, but boy was I wrong. This thing can stand up to some seriously hard material if it can rip out packed, dry caliche.

    I went out to my woods to try it on some "iron vine". This stuff is like steel cable and has thorns all over it. It grows across the ground and up trees. I had masses of this stuff that was thicker than a pencil due to it's age. The Ratchet Rake grabbed it and pulled it out of the trees and out of the ground in one pass.

    In the process, I found a number of dead trees buried in the weeds and briars and the teeth allowed me to push these into a pile quite easily. I had attempted to move a few fallen trees earlier, but the trunks just rolled under the bucket and it took forever to get them pushed a few dozen feet into a loose pile. Without a toothbar there was nothing on the front of my bucket to slide under the trunks, so I was just pushing them.

    I went back to them with the Ratchet Rake and found I could get under them and lift them on the bucket face or I could go over them and drag them back with the rake teeth. I was able to clear a 3600 square foot area in less than half an hour and build a wood pile of all the tree trunks and large branches tight enough to climb to the top of without it shifting. Without the rake I was unable to get two trunks on top of each other without pushing something else out of the pile. Now I am stacking 5 foot tall.

    I don't waste my time going into the woods without my Ratchet Rake any more. It turns hours of wasted effort into minutes of productivity.

  • Ratchet Rake Ratchet Rake
    by on 06/13/2012 via an online forum

    Great rake as well as brush removal tool. In heavy brush the ratchet was broken when it got entangled with the brush. Replaced the ratchet with chain and binder and all is well.

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